Our Story

Why Mechanics Plus has so many loyal customers?

The answer is Old School respect and New technology. We put the customers feelings in front of anything. When I was a kid in the late 60’s in a small town called Lowell Massachusetts I had the good fortune of living one street away from an incredible mechanic and small business owner. When I was a boy I had a flat on my bike and heard from other kids that Howard’s Garage could fix it. So I went to Howard and he told me to flip the bike upside down and then told me how to pull the tire off using his tools. He showed me how to apply the patch. I learned a lot that day as I was working on my bike.

Howard allowed the neighbor kids to fix up their bikes as long as we put his tools up and stayed out of his way.

Over a few years time I witnessed not only Howard working on cars but I also saw the way he greeted his customers. They would laugh and smile as they explained their concerns and Howard would simply say I will call when I know what is wrong.

The trust between them was obvious he was a neighbor first the mechanic second a business owner third.

That is our business model at Mechanics Plus today.

Thanks Howard !

The photo included is the actual Garage that still stands today on Norcross Street in Lowell,MA.

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