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What makes Mechanics Plus different, or should I say what do we do that would make you happy with selecting our company to fix your car.

The art of auto repair is not brain surgery many of us do it well, the true issue in your selection process is the integrity within the technician or shop.

At Mechanics Plus we have had the same primary technicians for over a dozen years and we have state of the art equipment 6 lifts and 8 bays, a comfortable waiting room, clean restrooms and free coffee. We also have a cool 110 gallon aquarium.

With that said our reason for having 8,000 plus customer base is not because of our incredible equipment or employees abilities. The reason we are busy is our love for our customers. Every employee has a similar outlook on people in general. We simply care about the relationship.

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Many repair centers base their success on the total amount of service sold. We simply base our success on relationships developed and maintained. The team philosophy is let the customer know what is wrong in one of three categories.

Our Technicians will add the important must fix things to the “Needs It Now” column if they can go for a bit before you have to take action they will put it in the “Need’s It Soon” column If it is something on the horizon they will add it to the “In The Future” column.

So I guess what I am trying to say is at Mechanics Plus your money is not as important to us as long as we earn your long term business we will succeed.

We value our business and it’s old school, Mayberry type atmosphere. We also have established a group of customers so incredible that we could not possibly have stayed in business 15 years without them. They are friendly and caring people just looking to be treated with respect. They are the reason we are always smiling. It is like friends stopping over for a visit and we get to fix their car while we are at it.

Our slogan is “DO YOU HAVE YOUR MECHANICS CELL PHONE NUMBER?” I guess the fact that the owner of the business (me) puts my money where my mouth is on customer satisfaction, for the last 15 years ( the beginning ) put my personal cell phone number on all our advertising including our cards.

Every customer is an opportunity to create a masterpiece on every visit so if we create an awesome experience we painted that masterpiece. We also have the occasional misdiagnoses or mistake. The difference with Mechanics Plus is we will take ownership of the mistakes and not generate a story.

It is common in the industry to cover up the mistakes and charge the customer. That way they profit from an extra job you did not need. So if you have a mechanic you look forward to leaning on when you are in need
for God sake keep him. If you do not have that person, call me and I will be there. 321-303-9198

Sorry I am also a Bassist in a Motown band so when the words start flowing… well you know.