Aaron Y

First review I've ever written, but I'm grateful for an honest auto shop. They deserve it. MP performed a timing belt change for me. Turns out the replacement cranks seals were bad and Bill fixed it no questions asked. That was a giant redo. He even gave me a ride home. These guys are my go to shop for good! 

Charles T

My daughter goes to school in Orlando and needed work on her car's air conditioning. She had another shop look at it and they diagnosed a bad compressor clutch to the tune of over 1000.00. I live in Illinois so I discovered Mechanics Plus on Yelp. Based on great reviews, we called them. Bill got right back to me and said my daughter could drop it off and he could drive her back home. After thoroughly checking it out,they discovered a bad belt that was the culprit. Less than 50.00 to replace! Needless to say, we have found our "go to" shop. It is great to find an honest and fair business with nice people who can be trusted. I might even have my car serviced there when i am visiting my daughter 

Chris C

I have been using Mechanics Plus for over a year now I believe. Just never did a review. Bill Allen & Crew are the best, they do quality work and are reasonable when it comes to price. They won't be the cheapest in town because they do good work, but they are also very reasonable and do not overcharge you. I was looking for a trustworthy (hard to ?nd these days) and highly rated mechanic shop to take care of our 2003 Town & Country and they have really taken care of her. They helped me budget for the items that was needing to be done (I knew they were all due to be taken care of......transmission ?ush, new brake pads front and back, etc etc) They told me which to prioritize, how to break it up, and with each oil change we got something done o? the checklist. This most recent work was an oil change and diagnosis of what was leaking, I needed a new valve gasket. Great work and no more leaking! And she runs better and quieter now too! Thanks again, Bill Allen and crew! Excellent work, and thanks to AngiesList again for allowing me a method to ?nd good people out there!  

Dennis P

I am delighted! Drove in from 200 miles away and heard/felt a grinding sound coming from the back end . I was here for a short to for recreation but realized I needed to take care of my car. I found Mechanics Plus while reading up on another brake shop just down the street. One write up said don't waste your time and money with just brakes, call Bill Allen at Mechanics Plus. I did and very thankful to the man who wrote up the recommendation on the other website and very appreciative of Mr Allen, his niece who was on the front desk, and the mechanic who invited me to come out and see my cars problems prior to repairing I called at 10am, they were full but when I explained my situation, Mr Allen said " get YOUR but down here and we will get it done". They took my car into the shop, pulled my 4 wheels , found the problem I heard/felt plus another one that was worse ( front wheel bearing gone and really not safe). Three hours or so later I was on my way with time to enjoy Orlando before returning home. Thank you team. One happy customer! 

Derek U

Went to Mechanics Plus due to the high Yelp reviews. They were accurate! Went there for a brake job and loved the price and service. I deplore the big chain places, like Firestone, that all try to bait me into stuff I don't need. MP gets it - thanks Bill & Co!!! 😀 

Erica R

Mechanics PLUS, emphasis on the PLUS! Bill and his guys have taken care of my family for the last ten years. From changing my oil to changing my transmission - thanks, Johnny, to changing my ?at tire on my way to work - thanks, Chris, these are the guys who always do it right. This morning I called Bill, told him I had a ?at tire, and he had Chris come to my rescue. In less than 15 minutes I was ready to go. On top of that, it was - unexpectedly- on the house. Bill takes care of his people. Do yourself a favor, make Mechanics Plus your go to shop. 

Heather E

Bill Allen and his crew are nothing short of incredible! What first drew me to the Mechanics Plus family was the amazing work they do in our community to help the homeless in our area. They don't just throw money at the problem, they are out on the streets; meeting, greeting and helping people! Everyone knows how daunting it can be going to a mechanic shop as a single woman. It's no secret that we're "easy prey" to some less than honest businesses. However, I can truly say, nothing can be further from the truth with Mechanics Plus in Casselberry! Bill treats all of his customers as if they were his sister, aunt, daughter, brother cousin and friend. He has a business to run, which he does well; but he doesn't exploit his services. He's honest and fair. He will tell you what you need, but more importantly, he'll tell you what you don't. Recently, I woke up and started my car, only to have it scream louder than a cat walking on hot coals. I was petrified; the screaming sounded expensive. I'm a single mom without a big support system. Bill took my car in right away to look at it. Within 10 minutes, he was sitting down with me explaining with patience, gentleness and detail exactly what was going on. He had my car fixed in no time and I left with my wallet in tact and a smile on my face. I honestly can't say enough great things about Bill and Mechanics Plus! On top of being an incredibly important part of our community, being an honest, fair and extremely talented mechanic, he also takes time to send out different video and email blogs regarding general maintenance and upkeep of vehicles so we don't need a mechanic as often. For this past year, and for as long as Mechanics Plus is around, they will be the only mechanics I go to as well as the only mechanics I recommend to all of my family and friends! Thank you Bill and the gang for providing me with a safe place to go. It means more to me than I will ever be able to put into words! 

Mahesh K

Bill was a an awesome & kind guy who ?xed my Toyota & Dodge caravan. Both the cars were down almost the same day and he offered me his own Jeep. That was something I would never expected from Bill whom I met for the 1 st time. I was amazed by this gesture. He did amazing job for both the cars. He ?xed the AC in the Toyota and the break pads for my dodge caravan on the same day as he knows I need them urgently being without any car. He is reasonable and very good. I would suggest everyone to go to him. I cannot forget to mention Ti?any who is the Receptionist. She was the sweetest person I have met and was very honest and upfront about the total breakup. She educated me about the who issue and what a wonderful lady. Bill you should be very proud of her as she was the one who convinced me to come to you shop to ?x my car. I am glad I came to the right place. I will definitely recommend everyone to go to Mechanics Plus. You are in safe hands & he is reasonable Bill keep the good work going. God Bless !!!!!  

Michael S

The owner is very knowledgeable and worked with me to help save me money. Instead of charging me for an alignment and balance, he simply balanced them and moved the not so great tire to the back fixing my alignment.  

Sheri B

I live in Southwest Orlando, but I come 45 minutes out of my way for good reason: I trust this shop, the employees and shop owner. Their prices are fair and reasonable. One of my repairs, was covered by a one year parts and labor warranty. Seven months later, it turns out the part was defective. I came in, they con?rmed it, replaced it AND noticed something else was "not perfect" and replaced that as well. All of this was covered under warranty. Mr. Bill Allen, the owner, goes out of his way to make sure that each client understands why something needs to be done, even taking you out to show you the issue. I've been shown parts of my timing belt, head gasket and fuel pump in an e?ort to make sure I was comfortable with each repair. In short, they have gone above and beyond and I trust them. Mechanics Plus has been around for many years, and I will continue to use this local business for many more. Thank you, Mechanics Plus. 

Bruce B

Went in to see them about trouble I was having with my daughters 08 Nissan Altima automatic transmission. They told me that there was a problem and the transmission needed to be replaced. A $5,000.00 to $6,000.00 job. They also did some research and found that there was an extended warranty from Nissan for that transmission. They printed out the extended warranty notice for me and they even gave me directions to the nearest Nissan dealer. I took the car to Nissan and they replaced the transmission at no cost to me. Friendly and honest. This is the ?rst time I used these guys and I look forward to a long relationship. 

Gloria J

It was discovered that the place where we had recently had an oil change had been sloppy, causing the oil to leak and splatter under the hood. Even though we thought it was transmission ?uid that would possibly require expensive repairs, Bill found our minor problem and even sent me home with cleaning supplies to clean up our garage ?oor. A dishonest repair shop would have replaced our transmission and we would have been none the wiser. If you are looking for an honest man to ?x your car, this is the place to go, and we will definitely use him again and recommend him to our friends. 

Mathew G

Bill Allen and his Mechanics Plus team are a gift to his ?eld. I have been going to him for years, and I can't think of a better long term business relationship that I have had than with him and his team. Do you want it done right the ?rst time by people that will go out of their way to earn and keep your trust? Bring your business here.  

Raymond B

I have a 1999 In?nity with 250,000 miles on it. I recently moved to Orlando from Texas, where I had a great private mechanic, who did all of my repair work. I quickly learned to avoid new car dealers. I can't afford their prices. Shortly after I moved to Orlando my In?nity check engine light came on. Also I noticed an engine squeal. I’m thinking maybe the bearings are going out on the alternator, air compressor, or power steering motor. I better get it checked out. So I go to Angie’s List and choose the top three mechanic shops and decide to try the closest one to my house. The diagnosis is a dirty EGR valve costing $50 to clean. The squeal is caused by a torn rubber axle boot throwing grease on the drive belts. I was not sure why grease would cause a squeal but I am not an expert. So the cost to clean and adjust the belts is $45. Replacing the rubber boots was a third problem I was unaware of. It did need ?xing. I don’t want to pay for new front end steering parts. Anyway a week later the check engine light comes back on and I notice when I roll my windows down, the engine squeal is still there. So I then take the car to the second closest shop called Mechanics Plus. I was able to get right in and got a different diagnosis. The EGR valve needed replacing. This was not a $50 cost, but as they say, you get what you pay for. Next I learn that the squeal is caused by a worn Harmonic Balancer. $130 ?xed the problem. The squeal is gone. When I take my car to a mechanic, I want the work to be done correctly. I don't have time to return for issues that are not ?xed the ?rst time. Yes the cost was more at Mechanic Plus, but the result was the car runs perfectly now. (I did ask for and get a 10% Angie List discount). Maybe some mechanics don't have a lot of experience with older cars and worn Harmonic Balancers. I had never heard of a harmonic balancer. The point is that Mechanics Plus correctly diagnosed and repaired my car the ?rst time I brought it to them. And for a lot less money than a new car dealer would charge. Thank you Mechanics Plus. It is such a relief to know I can always bring my In?nity to you and then not have to worry about breaking down somewhere on the highway because of a misdiagnosis. Your phone number is now in my permanent phone contact list. 

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